Less than three years ago, a special service came about quite spontaneously in an attempt to create deliberate, focused time and space for those who wanted or needed to lament a seemingly endless accumulation of human tragedy and suffering throughout that entire year: 2017. The year of devastating floods, hurricanes, earth quakes, wildfires, shootings, wars, refugees, violence, division, strife, loss and pain.

Since then we have witnessed all of the above happening over and over again.

Not to mention Pandemics.

I continue to feel thankful to be part of a faith community that, for the most part, is both fun and joy-filled, yet doesn’t shy away from acknowledging and responding to, truly difficult times and circumstances in the world and in personal lives.

No “Turn that frown upside down” church. Thank God. I personally believe that the very real issues of grief, suffering, depression, fear, etcetera, are healthier when walked (or crawled) through rather than repressed or glossed over. And when we can share at least some of those parts of the journey with others, that is both such a relief and gift.

With all of my heart, soul and strength; in both uncertainty and hope, I would like to share with you this imperfect but heartfelt offering.

May we all feel the desperately needed Light of God shine upon us.

May we look up to receive that Light, and be comforted.


decor / photography©️oraetdecora

Music, lyrics: ©️Eliza Gilkyson, “Requiem”

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