Hello, welcome!

My name is Saskia Kidd. I studied Fine Arts and Art Education in The Netherlands and USA. I’m passionate about art- and all things sacred. I love working with various media such as photography, decor, graphic design, drawing, painting and writing. Right now I am working part time in Exterior / Interior Home Design.

I love to help create sacred spaces: environments and experiences conducive to worship, prayer, reflection, connection, and response. Most of the time I work spontaneously, though usually with a certain theme or concept in mind. I try to be cohesive with the existing space, current message of our pastor, or liturgy of the season – yet there are also times where I simply want to respond to the circumstances of the world we live in. I am always interested in trying to connect the exterior to the interior sacred spaces – those of the heart, mind, body and soul.

And, although not the main focus on this blog, there is an undeniably big part of my life that involves parenting a child with a chronic auto-immune disease, along with our other two children. I have written one post about it called: “Hanging in There.”

Ora Et Decora means: “Pray and Decorate” (or Enhance, Embellish) – simply my play on the Medieval Latin motto found in Christian Mysticism and the monastic life: “Ora et Labora,” meaning: “Pray and Work” (or Pray and Labor.)

Thanks for stopping by, and blessings to you on your journey, fellow traveler. Let me know your thoughts, connections or how I can be of service!

Saskia Kidd





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