Ora et Decora

Hello, welcome!

photo: Monique Steenbeek

My name is Saskia. I studied Fine Arts and Art Education in The Netherlands and in The United States. I am passionate about art, and all things sacred. I myself am rooted in Christ; more so through personal spiritual experiences throughout my life than through tradition or sense of “obligation.” From early childhood I remember God “speaking” to me in different ways. Over the years I started to recognize this Divine Source and felt the need to connect with it more intentionally. I believe I was eventually led to a perfectly imperfect community of faith that genuinely seeks God, loves and accepts all people, values different expressions of worship, prayer and learning; encourages, challenges, and cares about social justice, the earth, and the common good. Many years later, through darkness and through light, I am still here; I am still learning and growing and I never plan to stop. 💜

One of my favorite quotes is from Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister:

“My favorite indoor sport is thinking.”

I am interested in the connections between our exterior and interior “sacred spaces” – those of the heart, mind, body and soul.

I value, enjoy and draw inspiration from other faiths and cultures as well. I find that more often than not, we have lots in common. When you know your own center, there’s no need to fear or malign other beliefs. We can learn so much from one another. In fact, I believe we are all connected and we need each other in this beautiful, and at the same time challenging, world.

Besides visiting existing sacred spaces, (including Nature- the Original Sanctuary) I try to facilitate environments and experiences intended to be conducive to worship, prayer, reflection, connection, interaction and response; for people of all ages. Mostly this evolves organically and in the moment; though usually with a certain theme or concept in mind. I try to be cohesive with existing space, current message, liturgy of the season; and sometimes I’m simply responding to the circumstances of the world we live in, and how the Spirit of God moves me.

Ora Et Decora means: “Pray and Decorate” (or Enhance, Embellish) – simply my play on the Medieval Latin motto found in Christian Mysticism and the monastic life: “Ora et Labora,” meaning: “Pray and Work” (or Pray and Labor.)

Thanks for stopping by, and blessings to you on your journey. Let me know your thoughts, insights or how perhaps we can work together! In addition to decor I also freelance in photography, exterior & interior design and Dutch / English translating work.

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Redbubble under Ora et Decora. You can also contact me at thekidds@me.com

– Saskia

(Unless indicated) Art, Decor, Photography on this website is the property of ©️oraetdecora

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