The Divine Mirror

Decor & Photography: ora et decora 2014

The One True Mirror

The utterly accepting gaze of The Friend

The fully compassionate and Divine Mirror…

How wondrous and wonderful to me are these descriptions by Richard Rohr of the loving gaze of God, as He beholds each and every one of us – His Beloved. May we all come to experience being fully known in this way by the One who made us and loves us.

Brennan Manning said: “God loves you as you are, and not as who you should be.”

(What unfathomable love and grace. For everyone. And not a ‘cheap’ grace, either. But free.)

In human relationships, I want to know the difference between good and bad ‘mirroring’: both on the receiving and reflecting end. Not at all easy, and often very painful and humbling…

In his book: “Falling Upward”, Fr. Rohr writes:

“I realized that many people loved and admired me for who I was not, and many people also resented or rejected me for who I was not. Conversely, many loved me for who I really was, warts and all, and this was the only love that ever redeemed me.

Many others rightly criticized me for who I really was, and revealed to me my shadow, which was always painful but often very helpful.
But in all cases, it became apparent that their responses said much more about them and the good or bad quality of their own mirroring than about me at all.

Good people will mirror goodness in us, which is why we love them so much.
It is only those who respond to the real you, good or bad, that help you in the long run.”

‘Aura’ by Bjorn van den Berg
‘Sky Mirror’ by Anish Kapoor




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