Lent 2015: Growing Deeper


Each Sunday during this year’s observation of Lent at our church, encounters of Jesus with a specific person- and the after-effects, are being highlighted through scripture, song, message and a visual element. 

I would like to reflect on, and internalize these meetings of Jesus with very real people just like you and me. Looking for answers, perhaps- but maybe more important are the questions that arise. And the personal way Jesus interacts with each person: seeming to deeply know them and value them; encouraging them to think beyond the surface- and breaking all cultural, social and gender-based barriers while doing so. 

First Encounter: Nicodemus

Second Encounter:  Woman at a well

Third Encounter: A blind man

Fourth Encounter: Mary, Martha, and Lazarus  


Fifth Encounter: A woman anointing Jesus with fragrant oil  


Decor, Graphic Design & Photography : Saskia Kidd @ora et decora 2015

Tree Painting: “Blue Afternoon” by Erika Bochypova-Johnson
Book: ‘He Was One of Us’ by Dutch artist Rien Poortvliet

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