Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Lamentation Service for ALL who have lost lives or are hurt; ALL who are suffering and grieving. We see you, we hear you. You are loved. 

Praying for peace, justice, comfort…and change.

There is some symbolism here: the mirror on the cross shows our own reflection as to how we are individually and corporately responsible to be peacemakers. It also references the eye of God, to Whom we cry out: “Are you seeing this?!” as we try with all our hearts to trust and hope. 
The fountain is filled with tears; and stones of all color, shape and size represent our beautiful diversity and call to unity as fellow humans. Same is the deliberate choice of black and white colors elsewhere in decor.

Candles and incense are the people and their/ our prayers.

Red is the blood that was shed.

♥️ Saskia

Photography & Decor: Saskia Kidd @ora et decora 2016

‘Peace’ painting by children from our church

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