Good Friday 2020

This journey is a continuation of the previous Palm Sunday post, following the same path. Blessings to you during this Holy Week, in some of the strangest of times for our world. In the midst of loneliness, fear and feeling overwhelmed; too much time alone or not enough… may we grow together in understanding, empathy, love, trust, connection, inspiration, perseverance and hope.

I am amazed at the many beautiful and creative ways I see people care for each other. I am also amazed what shows up (when I pay attention!) as often the tiniest of surprises: snails in dry ancient walls om the hottest of days. Signs of life in unexpected places.

In the meantime it helps me to know we are walking this together. And we wait at the tomb together, in hope.

💛 Saskia

Photography: ©️oraetdecora

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