He Who was there from the beginning,…not “gone” from us, but fully (re) integrated with God and with us Now! Much of this truly awesome mystery can be found in the book of Colossians (and in the book of John, and all over the Bible.)

Father Richard Rohr is able to illuminate this so well:

“Jesus was not born as the Christ. A transfiguration, a morphing, a realization had to take place, even in Jesus, before he became the Anointed One in which everything else cohered and held together (see Colossians, Ephesians, and the prologue to John’s Gospel). The resurrected Jesus is the Christ. The Risen Christ is Jesus but also bigger and beyond Jesus’ individual form and lifetime.”

“My systematics professor used to say that if the Resurrection had been filmed, it probably would not have shown a man stepping out of the tomb holding a flag, as most Christian art illustrates. The camera probably would have recorded a huge flash of light. The Risen Christ is Jesus released from all space/time restrictions. He is beyond space; he is beyond time. He includes all of the spiritual and the physical world, reconciled within himself.”

Elsewhere Rohr writes:

“Jesus the Christ is the very concrete truth revealing and standing in for the universal truth. I think this is precisely what he is referring to when he constantly calls himself “The Son of the Human.” Paul writes, “The fullness is founded in him . . . everything in heaven and everything on earth” (Colossians 1:19-20). Franciscan philosopher John Duns Scotus (1265/66-1308) says Christ was the very “first idea” in the mind of God, and God has never stopped thinking, dreaming, and creating the Christ. “The immense diversity and pluriformity of this creation more perfectly represents God than any one creature alone or by itself,” adds Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologica (47:1). Each manifestation is revealing a different part of the eternal mystery of God and therefore inherently deserves respect and reverence. This includes you too! Being human is just a little less than God (Psalm 8:6). To trust this gives us an extraordinary dignity that we have in our very human nature, because we are in fact “sons and daughters of God.” We are created in the image of God, we come forth from God, and we will return to God. We each uniquely reflect part of the mystery of God in between! We must find out what part of the mystery is ours to reflect. All I can give back to God is what God has uniquely given to me—nothing more and nothing less.”

Gateway to Silence:
God is not “out there.”

Text/Quotes ©️ Richard Rohr, Center for Action and Contemplation

Photography/subtitles: ©️ ora et decora 2021

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