Kite Hill, The Day Before


Look at me, walking outside of my body.

I try to name it: “FEAR,”

hoping once acknowledged, it will leave.

But fear is brilliant—and a jerk.

It doesn’t care if I name it or not.

It has all the time in the world

to question, to imagine, to shatter


It knows each crack and entry-point.

When I run into the bathroom to hide

it fogs up the mirrors with panic, so

I keep walking,

if you can call it that.

I keep moving—

until my body has driven itself home,

which no longer seems like home.

I keep not knowing what to do—

and find myself in a bathroom, again.

I lift a ridiculous lipstick to the mirror

and I begin to write.

(Saskia Kidd, Summer 2012 )

These are the words I heard and wrote down:
“I will make a way- I will provide the people. I am watching over you, in your comings and goings,; when you wake up in the morning, and when you go to sleep at night.”

Dedicated to my brave and inspiring son.

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