Advent 2021: The Way of Light


“Life, as the biblical tradition makes clear, is both loss and renewal, death and resurrection, chaos and healing at the same time; life seems to be a collision of opposites.”

(Richard Rohr: “Falling Upward: A Spirituality Through The Two Halves Of Life”)

“We should try as hard as we can to treat other people with the utmost respect simply because each of us is a ray of God’s own light; it is sometimes difficult to see that pain is likewise a ray of God’s own light, just like every experience of life whether pleasant or beautiful.”

(Martin Laird: “An Ocean Of Light”)

“You who want


seek the Oneness


There you

will find

the clear mirror

already waiting”

(Hadewijch II)

Photography: Saskia Kidd @oraetdecora

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