Radiant Light


The Son is the radiance of God’s glory

and the exact representation

of his being,

sustaining all things

by his powerful word.

(Hebrews 1: 3)

The resurrection to which Easter calls us—our own—requires that we prepare to find God where God is by opening ourselves to the world around us with a listening ear.

That means that we must be prepared to be surprised by God in strange places, in ways we never thought we’d see and through the words of those we never thought we’d hear.

(©️Joan Chittister)

O Radiant Light

Light of the world

Light up our darkness

Shatter all madness

Steep us, infuse us

Boldly and gently

In your radical, radiant love.

(Saskia Kidd)

Anybody who holds any kind of unexplainable hope believes in resurrection, whether they are formal Christians or not, and even if they don’t believe Jesus was physically raised from the dead.

(©️Richard Rohr)


Praying for world peace, and for the relief of suffering caused by wars happening all over the world today: Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Mali, Somalia, Libya, Myanmar, Tigray, and other areas experiencing violence and conflict. Welcome all refugees equally.


Decor, Photography, Prayer: ©️Saskia Kidd @oraetdecora.com

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